One of the first companies to offer full service digital photography ImageActive has set the standard for corporate photography and offers many years of successful experience. In business, we understand you can’t afford to have just any photographer capture your important people and events. The image of your business and the message you want to communicate to your clients is the focus of our photography.

An image is sometimes the first impression and this means it has to be exceptional. ImageActive is committed to providing you with the high quality photographs you require. We understand the necessity of communicating success, strength and stability and we have the knowledge and experience to do exactly that.

Political photography is one of ImageActives specialties. Let's be frank, you don't want just any photographer coming in to photograph a Senator, Representative, Governor, or the President of the United States. We honor the requests of the VIP, capture the moment and we produce a quality photograph. We are well organized, and polished and will make your fundraiser or political event memorable for everyone involved.

Whether you need photos for your websites, newsletters, advertising materials or public relations, you’ll find ImageActive responsive, experienced and professional. You may only need photo shoots periodically, but when you do, ImageActive services and reliability make it easy and cost effective.

  • Backdrops and studio lighting and/or candid
  • Convenient on-site shoots with instant photo review
  • Your photos on high resolution CD and index sheets
  • Unlimited use of photos at no additional cost
  • Top quality photos from experienced professionals

The Image we project, and the Image that we capture, will contribute to your success.

You need quality photos; we make it easy for you.

Ron Murray